LED Market is proud to offer custom LED signs, starting from $50.00. We can do custom LED house numbers, logos, business names and custom texts.

Customers may choose from a variety of different backgrounds, styles and colours to suit their needs. 

LED house number signs (as pictured above) come in weatherproof enclosures, making them durable enough to brave Canadian winters. They have a built in photo sensor that turns the LED light on at night and off during the day, making them energy efficient.

Power supply is included.

1 Year Warranty.


Step 1: Choose your number, custom text or logo. 

Step 2: Choose your colour (red, blue, green, amber or white) and background colour (black or white).

Step 3: Choose your size.

LED Market will work with you to suit your budget and particular project. Simply email us or give us a call to discuss your custom LED sign.